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We are building a new category of digital nudges which will revolutionize the way mobile apps work on user behaviour.

Who are we? 👋🏼

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Apxor is the world’s first digital nudging platform for apps.

We are filling the gap that product managers face when they have actionable insights, but do not have a way to turn those insights into actions. Digital nudges are the answer for this.

We are solving digital nudging needs of apps like Dream11, Vedantu, ICICI, Zepto, mFine and many more. Apxor is a simple plug and play solution that enables non developers to nudge inside the app in realtime via tooltips, coachmarks, walkthroughs and micro surveys.

Using Apxor, apps can onboard and activate users effectively, improve conversions and get the right feedback. Digital Nudging can well be the difference between a highly successful app and others !

Who we’ve enabled till now ☑️

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What role would you be suited for most?

We are working in hybrid mode. Our Hyderabad office is open, but most of our tech team is working remotely from Vizag. WFH is open for all (as of now).

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